About RST

Who is RST anyway?

Not a multi, not a group, not a large company. But a small medium-sized company, which manufactures special constructions from carbon fiber and is the only manufacturer of carbon fiber rods in German-speaking countries. From its foundation in 1981 until today, RST has always been exclusively in the hands of its founder Reinhardt Steiner.

In the fishing rod industry, this is atypical, as other competitors have now been sold dozens of times. In most cases, it is not known who currently holds the shares and in which country the products are produced.
In contrast, RST is a German company on the border of Baden-Württemberg / Bavaria and still has something of the aura of a tinkering workshop, comparable to instrument making. This is particularly helpful in the design and manufacture of one-off carbon fiber custom builds, such as a carbon fiber crossmember or carbon fiber trim for a motorcycle exhaust.
Nevertheless, processes for the production of large series can also be implemented, as is already practiced for bent lamp rods for the lamp industry and fishing rod production.

RST is completely programmed for the future in development and production. In time, RST had discovered the fantastic possibilities of carbon fiber technologies for further development in rod building and custom construction.
RST secured the know-how and scientific support of fiber technologists from high-tech areas of industry, such as the aircraft industry. In this way, RST separated itself at an early stage from blank suppliers who were not in a position to meet the special demands that RST placed on action and quality in rod building. This made RST self-sufficient in the overall rod manufacturing process in favor of unrestricted product control.

Due to the broad product portfolio and the production of various carbon fiber products: Carbon fiber jewelry, carbon fiber traverse, fishing rods, bent carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber screens and much more, RST has acquired an extensive machine park to meet the requirements for the production of the various special designs.

However, in the twenty-first century we have to watch how in the environment, the world economy and the views many and rapid changes present themselves.

This is what we try to manage and master in a solid family business.